PG vs VG – Which One Should You Choose?

vgAll eCig juices whether commercially made or made at home consist of a base liquid, to which flavors and sometimes nicotine are added. There are two base liquids available that are commonly referred to as PG and VG.

Propylene glycol (PG) is the most commonly used base liquid for making eCig juices. It is clear and flavorless and mixes well with other flavors, and tends to burn cleanly on an atomizer. It is considered to be safe for human consumption, and as such is found as a solvent in certain medicines, as well as food stuffs, perfumes and other cosmetics, and hand sanitizers. There are a large amount of other uses too.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a water soluble liquid that is also used in food, cosmetics and medicines. It is sweeter than PG and is an alternative choice to PG in eCigs, or can be mixed with PG in various ratios. Given that you’ve got a choice to make between these two base liquids, it’s important that you know the difference between the two. It is especially important that you understand the different experiences that you are likely to get from using each of these.

A juice that has only PG in it-no VG-is likely to present the added flavors well. PG has little to no flavor or odor of its own, and hence all that you taste are the flavors in your juice. It is often used to dilute the concentration of nicotine that you are vaporizing down to the strength that you are looking for.

Both PG and VG are viscous liquids, but PG is the thinner of the two. Some atomizers work better with this thinner liquid, as the thicker VG doesn’t wick well, and may foul the atomizer a little sooner. If you are using 100% VG because of an allergy to PG, you may find that your atomizer doesn’t work well. Dripping can work better in this situation, and gives a good amount of both vapor and flavor. If the thickness of VG is a problem for your atomizer, it can be thinned with water or alcohol.

VG is noticeably sweeter than PG, and people either like or dislike this. It is more noticeable when vaporizing largely unflavored juices, as the sweetness in many flavors tends to overpower the sweetness of VG. There is a thicker, more noticeable vapor with VG, and the vapor tends to linger for longer.

Unfortunately, what vaporizes well on one atomizer, may not vaporize well on another atomizer. This means that once you find a good mix for flavor and the amount of vapor produced, you may still have to experiment further in order to find a mix that works well on the atomizer that you have.

PG, VG and the Risk of Allergies

Some people will find that when using PG they experience some side effects. A dryness in the mouth and throat that is known commonly as cottonmouth may happen if you use the atomizer a lot and don’t drink enough. Rarely, PG can cause an upset stomach, with stomach pains and nausea, and even more rarely a person may be allergic to PG. In this case, hives, another rash, or dry skin can occur, and can become very uncomfortable. Once you stop using juices with PG in them, the symptoms will stop, and VG may be the answer for you.

VG doesn’t have the allergy issues that PG can do, and the cottonmouth tends to be less severe. However some people complain that it is heavier on the lungs. Allergy is possible but rare, and includes such symptoms as vomiting and hives.

Mixing the Two

If you like the flavor of PG but want the larger amount of vapor or the thicker liquid that VG will give, then it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. VG and PG can be mixed in varying ratios to find the perfect effect for you. Mixes can be achieved in DIY juices, or can be ordered from many of the manufacturers of commercial juice.

Because PG wicks well and is less likely to foul your atomizer, it is common to start with this and add a little VG to increase the sweetness of the juice and the amount of vapor produced. An 80/20 PG/VG mix is commonly used, as is 50/50.

If you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities that mean that you can’t use one or the other, then which liquid you use, or what mix of them that you choose comes down to personal preference. A little experimenting will help you to find the mix that you like, for the perfect flavor and amount of vapor.

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  • Tim Spahr

    Thank you for this well written article. Just the answers I was looking for.

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  • Sam

    Thank you for the hints

  • arniel

    Good article, a link to allergy info might have been good too.

  • llljus10lll

    Im not sure if its pg vg related or nicotine related, but ive smoked marlboro reds for years and read up mg chart and what not. I started with 18mg nicotine, 2-3 puffs ears starts ringing. I went down to 12mg nicotine 2-3 puffs ears start ringing. Theyll normally ring 5-10 mins depending how many puffs. I can smoke a cigarette and no ringing. Wait a while take 2-3 puffs and theres the ringing. Any ideas?

    • patrick_the_fat

      r u staying hydrated? maybe u could look into the different type of detoxes for different parts of the body (candida, colon, etc). it sounds like mal-nutrition or high blood pressure. do u walk/exercise every day? try this, consume lots of niacin (not the flush free) normally 5-800mg until you turn red and start flushing. sounds crazy but that could help. the stuff is cheap and is good for your health. i think that is vitamin b6? anyways, it has a way of helping with some head and blood pressures. it has helped me a lot. remember to take lots of anti-oxidants and if all else fails, brush your teeth more and maybe see a chiropracter.


    • rusty

      torn labia

  • miller

    finally an educated summary on pg & vg

  • Greg Lokey

    I have issues with my eczema and dehydration with any PG in my e-juice, so I stick with 100% VG. The vapor production is awesome. I actually like the “flavor break” from these guys – VG is naturally sweet, so this is perfect for me.

    • Holte Beaufort

      What setup do you use with 100% vg my atomisers used to last for a few months, but had to switch to 100% vg due to allergies, now my atomisers only lasting 3 or 4 days

      • Wade550

        Use the Aspire Atlantis. The atomizer has four 3mm holes and is a BVC. It will last weeks on high VG juices. It is a sub ohm atomizer as well, which is quite nice. The ONLY drawbacks I have found is that the tank is only 2ml, so I find myself filling it semi-often. That is dependent on your vaping habits though. I use mine all day.

        • Slinginsteel

          I got an Atlantis 1 week ago and use 50/50. Still on the 1st coil. So far, so good!

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      Please feel free, just link to use for credit.

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  • Autumn -ESN-

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  • Renew Antivirus Support

    I vape nicotineless juice which i made on my own….there is no significant of throat heat between the PG and VG no matter how much i put the two on each extreme end. For example 80 vg or 80 pg…the only problem with PG is less and thinner smoke compare to VG but there is an advantage…the PG burnt doesn’t seem to cause the coil to contract burnt residual …and also less PG is less headache…there is something on the VG that if not mix properly can cause some dizziness and also heart burn probably due to thicker smoke.,,,go try it and you know what i meant

  • deb

    I use 80/20 with 3 ml nicotine flavor cotton candy lately my nose keeps running like I had a cold and my nose got very sore from wiping all time any suggests as to why