Craft Vapery a premium concierge service

When you started vaping you likely had a Guru that walked you through the world of vaping, or you spent a lot of time reading forums like ECF. But what about people who don’t have friends that vape and those who do not frequent vaping forums? Typically they end up buying substandard products and after having a bad experience, ultimately result in the person returning to analogs.

CRAFT VAPERY provides a sort of concierge service to their subscribers. The in-house experts act like your Guru and provide you with juices they think will match up with your flavor selections. The juices that you receive are largely considered “premium liquids” in the industry, and they are likely not something that a new user would stumble into on their own considering the price point. Subscriptions start at $33/mo for 3x15ml bottles of premium juices with experts curating the selection each month. Currently 45ml/month is the only selection for juices, but you can add atomizers along with cartomizer’s to your monthly subscription. I have also been informed that they will be adding options in the future which allow you to receive different amounts of juice.

My selections were: Florals & Spices, Tropical & Exotics Fruits, Berries, and Candy at 18MG

The order showed up in the best packaging that I have seen in this industry. Inside the box that was a handwritten card explaining each juice and why their expert thought that I would enjoy it, as well as some information about vaping in general. I asked CRAFT VAPERY about the card and they stated that it is included each month as a personal touch.











1 × DNA Milk and Honey 18mg
1 × Alpha Vapes Miss White 18mg
1 × Villain Vapors Bonnie & Clyde 18mg

I figured that I would end up with juices that I have already tried considering I am selecting the flavors that I like and I have been vaping since before we started shoving blue foam plugs into 510 carts. I must have 40 bottles of half empty juice lying around the house, car & office. As an avid vaping enthusiast surely there isn’t much that I haven’t tried? After all I am picking out the flavors that I like. I was completely wrong.

I had looked at all three flavors previously but I never tried them. I think that having a different perspective on the flavors made a large impact on what gets selected. I like all three of the flavors, though Milk & Honey being my least favorite is still a flavor that I don’t mind vaping. In summary I think CRAFT VAPERY is on to something here; it’s a great no fuss subscription service for people who don’t have time to hunt around the interwebs for new juices, and it also provides a 3rd party view on juice flavors for veteran vapers.

CRAFT VAPERY has supplied a coupon code for our readers that discounts your first months order by 20%, this includes both hardware and juices. Click here to order – Enter code DAILYVAPE20 during checkout