Carolina Vapor Mill

Carolina Vapor Mill has been advertising pretty heavily over the last 2 months in the Upstate area. They are located in Spartanburg at 807 North Pine Street Spartanburg, SC 29303; their hours are Monday-Saturday 10am to 8pm, and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. I stopped by around noon on a Sunday and the place was packed. The atmosphere was nice and they provide a sitting area for people to hang out and talk with others about vaping. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time so I was in and out fairly quickly.

This is a true brick and mortar store with a very small web presence. They do carry “Good” gear but they seem to have issues keeping stock on the more popular items. It appears that they order most of their stock from FastTech (CVM has stated that they do not purchase from FastTech) and they mix their own juices under the e Shine brand though they did have a selection of Five Pawns and Suicide Bunny premium juices, I also noticed that in their free grab bag there was a lot of NicVape juices. I have been informed that they do not sell NicVape juices, these were left over from a sales rep’s visit.

I ended up purchasing some batteries and a tank along with some juice. I asked them to make 30ml of 18mg 100% VG strawberry juice and it came out pretty good at a cost of $15.99. I did run into local radio celebrity Nine from 93.3 The Planet when I walked in, I went over and shook his hand then went on about my business.

While the prices are a bit high for my taste we need to keep in mind that brick and mortar stores will never be able to compete with web based stores just based on the overhead alone. While I was at Carolina Vapor Mill I watched at least 8 people ask for and receive good advice from the staff. In my opinion there is a place for slightly higher priced local vendors that can help people walk through the daunting/intimidating vaping world. I think this is great and I will continue supporting these local brick and mortar shops if it means I will see better gear in newbie hands.

Carolina Vapor Mill provided some corrections to the above article. They also stated that they have ordered a lot of mechanical mods and rebuildables from the aspire line which they expect to receive next week.

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  • upstate vaper

    What about a review of vital vapor in spartanburg i mean it is the first and oldest vape shop in spartanburg and when i went to their shop they had tons of stuff too and are even changing from a kiosk to a store by spencers that will be a vape shop where you can also get speciality coffee and they are opening a shop on 290 next to cracker barrel also so be fair and review them all..because i have been to some of the ones in this review and the people didnt even know the taste of their own flavors!!!!!!!

  • zack

    I think it would be cool if you could get decals and such for you E-cig every one has the black and chrome and such but if you did hydrographic designs on them to make them stand out well I think that would be really cool.

  • Stephen

    I bought a vision spinner 1300 from vapor mill. it stopped working after 39 days I was told they wouldn’t cover it. The manager said it’s just a loss on my part. So I would suggest taking your business somewhere else. Heisen vapes in Greer offers a better selection and price range. That’s who I am going to use to replace the Vape from vapor mill. Any other suggestions?

  • Bubs Mcgee

    Vapor Mill has a nice atmosphere and helpful employees, but their juice leaves a bit to be desired. It has the initial steeping need as their flavorings have that Mt Baker Vapor “perfumey” taste. Hard to shake that perfume flavor. They seem to do a good job about staying away from some of the recently controversial chemicals (diacetyl, etc) or at least claim to. Prices are high. The best shop in the Greenville area is probably Magic Vape on Pleasantburg, they’ve got good prices and juice that’s usable the day it’s mixed.

  • Ninnie

    I must say ….. I LOVE THIS PLACE … EVERYONE is so welcoming and knowledgeable. I am so so grateful I walked in the front door of this business. I have been smoke free for over a year.. It is hard to believe some of the other post. I have bought items and juice from here… did not like or either it broke, and with no complaining at all they replaced both products. SO FROM ME TO YALL… THANK YOU BUNCHES !!!! KEEP DOING AMAZING !!!!