What exactly is a mother’s perspective when it comes to vaping? Let me provide a little information for others who might be curious. I picked up the nasty habit of smoking after going the first 12 years of my life giving my parents hell for doing exactly same thing.

I was one of the many who picked up the bad habit when I was twelve. I have no idea what this magic number has over people but just about everyone I have ever spoken with always says they started when they were twelve. I smoked from when I was twelve until I was 30, if you do the math that is a seriously long time for someone to be smoking while still being considered “young”.

Between starting the bad habit and stopping it I had two (marvelous) children. It took a very long time before I could get the courage to put cigarettes down. Even knowing that a life is growing inside you is not always enough to kick the habit. After both of my children were born I started back up fairly quickly, even though I never smoked around my kids I still smoked. I wish something like a personal vaporizer was available either of the times I was pregnant.

I love vaping and I will vape anywhere, in front of anyone. I have vaped at my doctor’s office, my dentist’s office, the school my kids goes to (or field trips), home, work – you name it I have vaped there. Even at the grocery store while I have my other hand pushing the cart and holding my coupons.

Why not? What is the big deal about exhaling water vapor? Are these people scared of water? How do you bathe with that phobia? I have read too many stories lately about how vaping is bad, we should never do it and that it is harming our kids. All of the articles I have come across are listed with some random author tag (trying to make a name for themselves), a few random blurbs (more like rants) and no hardcore facts to back any of the blubber that these people are spewing out.

Yes I have nicotine, oh no! Call in the armed guards, that woman has nicotine and she is vaping some fruity juice with it! I am not running around blowing my vape in someone’s face but, I do vape in the house. I also vape while I am in the car doing school runs or at a parent-teacher conference. Why, random members of the world might ask?

I dare ask you, why not? I have sat down to educate my own doctor about my progress in putting analog’s down, how I went through all of the other ways to quit smoking (cold turkey, Chantix, lozenges, gum, etc.) – none worked. I have given countless others information to get the word out because honestly we need more education about this subject.

I for one am tired of the witch-hunt that seems to be going on by people who are either too lazy to educate themselves or just want to believe everything they read & hear by the mass media outlets that are all full of shit. How can you propose something is unsafe without actually doing any research into it before hand? Don’t get me started on this one either, I would love to see this women’s source for Propylene Glycol.

The e-juice I am vaping now is actually a 65/35 blend PG/VG from NicVape (the flavor is Energy Drink for anyone wondering and yes it is amazing). So, let’s break that down a little. If you look up Propylene Glycol online you will see all sorts if information from your crazy cousin to Joe Bob’s mom down the street. Would it surprise you to know that Propylene Glycol can be found in the toothpaste you use, or the soda / beer that you might be sipping on while reading this? What about the air sanitizers that you might have come in contact with?

Now what about Vegetable Glycerin you ask? Need a little something to keep your hair in check? Do you have a sweet tooth? Like those sugary sweet foods that always stay fresh and moist for your lovely taste-buds? I bet you do, but next time check the label. Many of those sweet treats that we have grown to love have vegetable glycerin in it. Think about cookies the next time you think about vegetable glycerin or protein bars. Even better for those out there with a real sweet tooth, think cake icing. Yummy, right?

I plan to keep this mother’s perspective ongoing as more news out there crops up and try to help educate those who are unaware. As a mother, I wanted to change my bad habit into a healthier habit. Over the past five years now I have cut down quite a bit. I started with 25mg, now I am vaping I 6mg or 8mg depending on the juice. I stopped with traditional cigarettes about a month in and over the years I have lowered my nicotine levels as you readers can see. For a while I was vaping and smoking (I know, crazy, right?) then I finally put them down 4 days before my 30th birthday. I could not have given myself a better birthday gift, not only myself, but also my family (and friends) that harped on me to quit for those 18 years. Vape on readers, vape on!