NamberJuice is an e-liquid manufacturer/retailer that was created by GrimmGreen and TheVapeBabe. Considering it’s lineage you would expect the products to be among the best of the best in the industry and you would be right. I have wanted to try NamberJuice for a long time but I have so many juices laying around that it’s hard to justify actually ordering anything. Last week I decided that I needed to go ahead and make an order so I could write this review.

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NamberJuice runs $10/15ml which is cheaper than FuzionVapor and puts it squarely into a great cost/value range. I am enjoying this juice and I love what NamberJuice is doing for our industry. Your money is well spent at Nick and Amber’s juice boutique and rest assured that buying from NamberJuice enables them to help fight for Vaping Rights.