We wandered off one weekend to visit random places like we always do, and of course a vape shop had to pop up in the planning. Our youngest child was not really entertained by the idea of visiting yet another vape shop, not because she does not understand them of course but because most of the time they bore her far too much. I can understand where she is coming from as she would rather be playing with friends, doing some kicks at the dojo or playing a video game. What kid wouldn’t?

10375991_752506191460082_5819015584934697495_nAs we walked in we were first greeted by Chris who broke down how the place came to be with the recent renovations. Within a few minutes Barbara came out of a little room in the far back corner to join in and once the adults got into the conversation of how vaping is now becoming mainstream, the child wandered around to check things out for herself ignoring us completely.

The general presence of the place is “warm and fuzzy” to me, for the guys out there – the place was “comfortable”. I have lived in the south for the past decade and when I think of southern comfort (not the drink) & southern hospitality I am thinking of this place.

We talked about the juices lined up behind the counter, how they were made while we tested out some of their flavors and how other companies don’t steep their juices. Looking around the store gear was spread out across the counters and shelves, which was quite impressive for a smaller storefront. We also talked about what might be up & coming within the vape world dealing both with the law makers and those who lobby for and against the idea of vaping.

Barbara explained how she makes their juices, they have 50 you can taste test and we tried at least a dozen while we were there. They market for “high quality steeped tobaccos” which is fine and I love that they actually let their juices settle. There is nothing worse than getting a bottle of juice in the mail and then having to wait before you use it. Here you can walk in, get the juices you want, walk out & vape – it’s just that simple.

Keep in mind we went to visit back in March and I still have a good bit of their juices (I will be talking more about these within an upcoming review). The things we talked about as far as vaping and the law makers go has really stuck in my mind since then. Some of the things we wondered about have already come to light recently like the proposed regulations and how many people who vape are concerned about how this is being spun within the media outlets.

Village Vapors is one of my top three picks in the local area now. I am juice picky but that is just me, I still require a good juice to pass both the smell and the vape test. They have a good amount of gear for any new person out there looking to shop around and many interesting pieces which fit for others who are more experienced.

I noticed some newer gear checking out their page on Facebook this week (spinners, adapters, driptips & some pipe styles too) plus they also have some new juices which means we need to plan for another trip out. One change that has happened since March is that all juices, except their signature blends are available in 10ml bottles only. This change was due to feedback received from their customer base and 10ml bottles are $4.99 or 3 for $13.00.

The staff goes beyond being friendly and helpful with questions for a novice or a vet and of course they have a cat. This cat has been named the “Vape Cat” by my youngest so it shall be named “Vape Cat” anytime I reference Village Vapors. What vape shop doesn’t need a company mascot? You can check the kitty out on their Facebook page or stop by to see the little buddy in person while picking up new vape gear and test out some local juices at their location 308 Fairview Street Fountain Inn, South Carolina 29644. If by any chance you get lost and need directions just call, (864) 630-5143.