I was recently contacted by ZampleBox via our review request form. I have heard good things about ZampleBox and we recently reviewed Craft Vapery so it made a lot of sense to compare these services. The ZampleBox showed up very quickly with a couple of hand written communications adding that extra “personal” touch.

The packaging was very good and receiving a box with lots of different flavors that you didn’t pick out is kind of exciting. Whereas Craft Vapery sends a smaller selection of flavors the bottles from ZampleBox are much smaller and could be considered Sample Sizes. I think that the premise of Craft Vapery is that they are supplying your vape sauce for the month and ZampleBox seems to take the approach of introducing you to new flavors at which point you would order directly from that vendor and there might be a discount in the ZampleBox.

I did not like the juices in the ZampleBox but I don’t think that reviewing the flavors is fair because Tony just shipped out a random box so I didn’t go through the flavor profile system like I did with Craft Vapery. Other people like some of the juices in the ZampleBox they simply were not the type of flavors that I like.

Cost: (roughly)
ZampleBox – .37-.42/ml
Craft Vapery – .64-80/ml

ZampleBox is a lot cheaper but like I said previously it’s more of a sampling service than anything else because while you might find lots of juices that you like they don’t include much of any particular juice.

I am personally going to sign up for ZampleBox because I like to try new flavors and the pricing is great.