I was contacted by Ryan Reyes from JuiceCrate.com last week via our Request a Review page. Ryan sent out a box quickly and I received it within a couple of days. JuiceCrate is a curation service like ZampleBox or Craft Vapery however, with their onyx package they also send some Royal Wires by Dryx (and cotton) for a premium experience on your rebuildable devices.

My opinion on the juices provided by the service is that they are pretty damn good. I liked 4 of the juices but, I won’t get into details on that because the juices change all of the time and selections are based on your flavor preference during signup. Having said that I liked a higher percentage of the juices in the JuiceCrate than any of the other services that I have tried and I am saving the Shark Juice for Shark Week. The packaging is the best that I have seen yet in terms of safely getting your juice to your home without damage. You can see in the pictures below that each juice has a cutout in the foam insert so your juices are not flying around inside the box every time the shipper gets a little rough with the package.

All in all I really like the JuiceCrate service and will likely be signing up personally once my juice stock starts to dwindle. Ryan was kind enough to supply us with a coupon code (DAILYVAPE20) that you can use during signup for a 20% discount.

Cost: (roughly)
Craft Vapery – .64-80/ml
JuiceCrate – .53-.55/ml
ZampleBox – .37-.42/ml

JuiceCrate is a subscription-based e-liquid discovery service. Subscribers create their Flavor Profile by taking a survey on their flavor preference allowing us to deliver a curated box of e-liquid every month. Customers choose to subscribe to a monthly, quarterly, or a semi-annual plan. We make sure that our prices are affordable for everyone. We have teamed up with over 50 vendors and counting so all of our subscribers never get repeats in there box.

What makes JuiceCrate different from the rest is that our number one priority is Customer Experience. Everything the customer receives from JuiceCrate is deliberate and has high attention to detail – from friendly and responsive customer support to the unboxing experience of their monthly juice crate. We provide a high-touch customer experience as we make it a point to really create a great relationship with our community.

Every month all of our subscribers are automatically entered to what we call the “Cloud Chaser Crate”. That Crate includes up to $350 in Juices,Mods,Vape accessories,etc. The first cloud chaser crate we gave out was a Kato Hammer,Tugboat RDA and a full line of Adam Bomb. We are the only subscription service to offer this.