Vaping Infographic

Infographics are a great way to deliver important content in a way that people are willing to read. This infographic was created by ECF and it delivers some very important information for people who want to know more about Vaping.


How I started – Cyndi

A few years ago I found Electronic Cigarettes online. I thought I would give it a try. Hoping it would help me quit smoking, I bought two different types. I bought the Njoypro and the Njoy pen style. They were $80 each. I also bought replacement cartridges for $25 per 5 cartridges. It got to be quite expensive even though it said each cartridge would last as long as a pack of cigarettes. I did a search on the internet and I found a forum for people that use E-Cigs. It`s called I couldn`t join fast enough. There are so many different types of e-cigs it blew my mind. (more…)

Fox News on e-Cigarettes

Fox Business talks about Electronic Cigarettes and the attempts of many states to pass laws banning them; no doubt at the expense of Big Tobacco.

John Stossel demonstrates and explains about electronic cigarettes. My favorite comment is where he equates the “We want to make sure it is safe” line with “Let’s never do anything for the first time”.

It is going to take popular media people like this make put this topic to rest and I applaud John Stossel for his support.


E-cig advertising in Times Square which is sponsored by the National Vapors Club  was seen advertising in New Yorks Times Square.

According to Online Media Spike Babaian, president of National Vapers Club, said “Without access to e-cigarettes, many of our members may return to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some surveys show that over 80% of e-cigarette users felt that if the product was unavailable they might go back to smoking tobacco.” She also shared “Many of our members quit smoking tobacco because their doctors told them their health depended on it.”


How it all started and the road now…

I remember growing up in a household where every adult was a smoker, I hated it. I remember saying that I would never smoke – that it smelled horrible, seeing yellow walls looked disgusting in a family home only to match the yellow stained teeth but as the saying goes; never say never. That phrase will come back to bite you harder than a hungry hippo will! I was the stupid age of twelve when I had the bright idea to start smoking and it was during the worst possible time of my life. What twelve year old decides a great time to pick up a nasty habit when their father is in the hospital with walking pneumonia, emphysema, and cirrhosis of the liver that later would lead to a liver transplant when he is forty four? This chick & it’s one of the biggest regrets of my life.