Coval Vapes Crunchberry


Coval’s description of this juice is simply “Tastes just like the cereal!” which while accurate could use a bit of expansion.

According to You can describe Crunch Berry cereal as a combination of sweetened corn and oat biscuits with delicious fruit flavored berry shapes.

I really enjoyed this flavor and it helps that Coval tends to balance their juices very well.

For me this is a morning/desert vape, I did vape it all day for 1 day and it was just a bit much.


Vamo V5 Review

The Vamo V5 is a Variable Voltage/Wattage mod that runs on an 18650, 18350, or 2x 18350’s. I ordered this mod in Stainless and the finish is pretty great, it’s no sandblasted Kayfun but it’s a very good finish that doesn’t show fingerprints. If you cannot find one in stainless perhaps look into a nice JWrap. The Vamo has an ego style connector that fits all of my gear without any issues.

I read that it only functions in RMS but that is incorrect, simply hold the – button for 10 seconds to switch between Mean and RMS. The operating voltages are between 3v and 6v with wattage settings from 3w to 15w. You can change the display to operate in voltage or wattage and you can set the unit to display operating power, resistance, or battery level when firing. Holding the + button for a few seconds will show the resistance level of your atomizer. This mod will not fire below 1.2 ohms and if you try it displays the coils resistance. When the battery falls under 3.2v the Vamo will stop firing and display Low V.


  • OLED in horizontal position
  • Good finish on the Stainless model
  • Mean or RMS (hold – for 10 seconds to switch)
  • 18650 or 18350/x2 modes
  • Removable top cap for cleaning

Don’t Likes:

  • Press fittings are not very good
  • Topcap should be airflow controller
  • Loses settings when changing battery

Pete Busardo is great (visit his website), I really like his video reviews so here is his take on the Vamo V5:

You can buy a Vamo V5 from: Smoktek ($59) or Fasttech ($32 and a long wait)


This new unit is an 808 threaded bottom coil clearomizer and I loved it.. For about 2 tanks worth of liquid. The idea here is that they moved the atomizer to the bottom of the unit which allows for better saturation due to the removal of the wicks and easier filling due to the placement of the atomizer. (more…)

The X2 510 Low Resitance 1.5 ohm XL Cartomizer

I watched some review videos on the new X2 XL Cartomizers and talked about it with a few people in the ECF:IRC channel before I decided to go ahead and order them. One of the other regular users in ECF:IRC ( CrAzYodaz) ordered one at the same time while we were talking about one. It is a great idea having multiple atomizers and I think that’s why we decided to go ahead and bite without much of a notion on how well they worked. My shipment came a day later than his which allowed me to see what happened when he tried it. His experience was not good; he had a burning taste very quickly and decided he needed to investigate. (more…)