NicVape Store Grand Opening!

This weekend is the Grand  Opening of the NicVape Store on woodruff Road. They are running some large discounts for the event which happens on April 19th between 10am and 8pm. I will be dropping by and taking advantage of that 50% off juices discount. GRAND OPENING:... read more

Popular Articles

Want to see which articles people are reading? Here is a list of the most popular articles over the last 30 days (in no particular order). PG vs VG – Which One Should You Choose? All eCig juices whether commercially made or made at home consist of a base liquid, to... read more

Coval Vapes Review

All flavors were evaluated on a 28g single nano coil (1.3 ohms) on organic cotton bed in an atomic RDA 11.4 – 12 watts Kiwi Marsh Very kiwi smell upon opening the bottle. A sweeter taste than Frankenvape where kiwi settles on your tongue during the inhale and while... read more

Decline in Tobacco sales

Tobacco sales have been on the decline since 1982 though the decline seemed to reach a plateau in 2005. Major tobacco companies like Altria (the company that owns Phillip Morris, Reynolds American (R.J. Reynolds), Lorillard (owner of Blu e-cigs), and British American... read more

Irresponsible Journalism

There’s nothing I like more than to pour a cup of coffee and peruse the newspapers for well written, informative and balanced articles on vaping. Sadly, when those are not available I’m forced to settle for something like this. In this piece Matt Richtel... read more

Vaping Safety

With the rise in popularity of vaping, the topic of safety is an inevitability. There are a few issues here that are going to be addressed that should put the mind of the average consumer at rest: The vapor itself, the health consequences of the user and the... read more

Nautilus Tank Review

The Aspire Nautilus Tank is an exceptional chimney style tank system with adjustable airflow control and a spring loaded center pin. The heads are BDC (bottom fed dual coil) replaceable units and the tank which holds 5ml of juice is made of Pyrex. I love this tank and... read more

Vamo V5 Review

The Vamo V5 is a Variable Voltage/Wattage mod that runs on an 18650, 18350, or 2x 18350’s. I ordered this mod in Stainless and the finish is pretty great, it’s no sandblasted Kayfun but it’s a very good finish that doesn’t show fingerprints. If... read more

Vapor Realm

Last week we visited the new Simpsonville location for Vapor Realm. This is the best local Greenville area vape shop that we have seen so far in terms of stock gear and employee knowledge. The selection of Batteries, RDA’s, and Tanks is very good and they seem... read more

New Design!

We have redesigned website in order to keep up with new and trendy design philosophies. The old layout was getting a bit dated and didn’t work very well on mobile. This new design works great on mobile and it has a “Button!” button!... read more

Carolina Vapor Mill

Carolina Vapor Mill has been advertising pretty heavily over the last 2 months in the Upstate area. They are located in Spartanburg at 807 North Pine Street Spartanburg, SC 29303; their hours are Monday-Saturday 10am to 8pm, and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. I stopped by around... read more

Miss White

I went out on a whim and decided to try a new juice that was given to me by a friend. It came from Craft Vapery and as busy as my days and nights usually are I did not even realize a company like this was around until I saw everything that came in the packet. Over the... read more

Vape Gallery

A few nights ago we decided to go to The Mellow Mushroom for some dinner. Between The Mellow Mushroom and Smoke on the Water there are a few small gallery type shops that tend to come and go. One of the newcomers is called Vape Gallery which is a small boutique type... read more

Vapesicle / NicVape

Whilst shopping for Christmas gifts in the Haywood Mall I stumbled across a Vape Kiosk which would have normally gotten a chuckle as I brushed it off, but this particular kiosk was very well setup and appeared to carry over 100 juices as well as proper hardware. I... read more


This new unit is an 808 threaded bottom coil clearomizer and I loved it.. For about 2 tanks worth of liquid. The idea here is that they moved the atomizer to the bottom of the unit which allows for better saturation due to the removal of the wicks and easier filling... read more

Who’s got a Boge?

While I wanted to continue onward with the story of Clearo Vol. 1 – my scary journey as Vol. 2 it seems that is on hold for now.  I need to order more but almost every single place is out of stock and I am in the process of testing out the Boge carts (2 ohm) that we... read more