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Greetings all, As some of you know, r/ecigclassifieds was banned from Reddit by the admins last week with absolutely no warning whatsoever. The mod team has spent the weekend reaching out to Reddit admin to find out what the problem was, and today we received a pretty definitive answer. Many, many subreddits dedicated to vaping, tobacco, cannabis, and other substances… [...]

If you have questions about juice, vendors, mods or anything vaping related, please feel free to ask them below. Here are some helpful links Starter Guide Everything I wish I knew about rebuildables Read the ECR Wiki Read our FAQs /u/Jimmith's beginners guide to vaping Coil Compatibility Chart by u/Poc9k Contests and Giveaways Into pod systems? Looking for a new… [...]

FDA Accused of Spreading Misinformation at E-Cigarette Summit

submitted by /u/SmokinJoe23 [link] [comments] [...]

just got mine 2 month ago, treat it like it’s my son, can anybody help pls submitted by /u/Stock_Ad_4437 [link] [comments] [...]

So I just disabled the button on my 2 caliburn Gs because I'm a bartender and frequently have to pocket the device. It would fire in my pocket and burn the coils in just a couple hours. I am wandering if when it dies does it turn off or will it automatically turn on when I charge it? Just curious… [...]

Which has better build quality? What are pros and cons of each? Which would you recommend? submitted by /u/Responsible-Bar7334 [link] [comments] [...]

I am trying to find a nic salt juice that has a high pg all the juices I’ve tried have been either 50/50 mix or like 70/30 with my caliburn but those rations seem to have to much vapor/flavor. I am looking for more of a throat hit, something similar to how the juul hits. submitted by /u/clityboi [link] [comments] [...]

Random DIY mixing and More

So many threads get off topic so fast. It figured it would be hard to get a random topic thread off topic Soooo,I have a couple questions to start. Anyone mixing with plum flavor? I have INW Plum in my cart at BCF but I'm wondering about uses. Maybe a Bourbon/plum or Brandy? Maybe a cheesecake or custard? Anything not… [...]

Want that new gear, but have 1000 other mods you haven't used yet? Looks great on paper but just not sure. So, well let's talk about it. We can talk you out of it, or into it if that's you're need. We can save money or spend yours. [...]

For sale Asmodus

I have started going through a little of my stash and have decided it’s time to let some stuff go. I have for sale an Asmodus Lustro mod that was used ever so lightly before putting it in storage. I’m not sure what they are worth now but would like to get $35 shipped. US customers only. [...]

Welcome to THE BIG THREAD (Part 6). What is THE BIG THREAD? In a sentence, we are HHV enthusiasts assembled on one thread that discuss just about anything anyone wants including, but not limited to, HHV. This has led to some solid friendships. What THE BIG THREAD is NOT: We do not engage in supplier hype. Enthusiasm is good. Hype… [...]

Picture of Your Setup Part 3!

Seeing that the old thread Picture of Your Setup Part 2! has hit its 15,000 post limit, it is being closed but anyone can access it from the link provided above. Love this thread and hope you all keep posting! Will update this post with the first Picture of Your Setup... when I find it Didn't take that long to… [...]

Snails - Response on Threads Part 8

Welcome to the new "Snails - Response on Threads Part 8 " The time has come to split into another thread This one will be known as "Snails - Response on Threads Part 8" Link to the previous (Part 7): Snails - Response on Threads Part 7 Link to the previous (Part...​ Snails - Response on Threads Part 8 [...]

10 new bottles for 20.00 including shipping. I had to increase the price due to shipping costs. View attachment 974616 [...]

I purchased my AIO kit at the beginning of the year, I was excited about it but as it turns out, it's not for me. I did purchase some accessories for it as well; black marble front & back panel set (much better airflow) & a pack of Vandy Vape colored button rings. One pack of Vandy Vape .15 coils… [...]

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